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Living Life on the Offense: Tackling Men's Mental Fitness with Eric Hipple WEBINAR

September 15, 2017

Join us on Monday, September 25th at 12 noon ET for a talk with Eric Hipple, former Detroit Lions quarterback, suicide loss survivor, and mental health advocate.

Eric has teamed up with Healthy Men Michigan to tell his story of personal loss, struggle, and recovery. In this webinar, he will present his program “Living Life on the Offense” and discuss the importance of mental fitness assessment when strategizing for your own health game plan.

Topics include problem solving, trauma, brain illness, and health screening.

Eric will be joined by Healthy Men Michigan Principal Investigator Jodi Frey, PhD, of the University of Maryland in Baltimore, who will further address mental health and suicide prevention in working-aged men. Jodi will give background on the campaign and address how attendees can be a part of the men’s mental fitness movement. 

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