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Youth Suicide Prevention Program

The Youth Suicide Prevention Group (YSP) holds meetings at both Gardner High
and Gardner Academy for Learning and Technology (GALT).

Gardner High School
Tuesdays, 2 - 3 pm in the Library.

Gardner Academy for Learning and Technology (GALT)
Thursdays, 2 - 3 pm in room 105 (Computer Lab)

The Youth Suicide Prevention Group (YSP) works within Gardner High School (GHS), Gardner Alternative for Learning and Technology (GALT), and Mount Wachusett Community College (MWCC) to create awareness and promote prevention in the community. This group, comprised of like-minded teens, works to provide information about youth suicide prevention in a safe, friendly environment. Working both with students and administration, the YSP is here to shape the future of youth suicide prevention in our community. Our groups will focus on positive relations, safe talk, and creative a safe culture for our peers. Guidance counselors will be available if needed.

YSP does not provide crisis management, however they will provide referrals if needed.

Group meetings will start the first week of October, 2016.

YSP will:

  • Raise awareness in schools and community.
  • Volunteer for various community projects.
  • Take part in the Montachusett Suicide Prevention Task Force Youth Coalition
  • Support Gardner Community Action Team (GCAT)
  • Provide suicide prevention gatekeeper training to members.
  • Work in collaboration with Heywood Hospital to create a suicide free community.

Why be concerned? 

  •  Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for young people ages 10-24.
  •  Every day there are approximately 11 completed youth suicides.
  •  Firearms remain the most commonly used suicide method among youth.
  •  Boys complete suicide 4 times more often than girls. However, girls attempt suicide two to three times as often as boys.
  •  While these statistics are alarming, its important to understand the pressures and stress that our youth face today. Todays youth deal with many issues including the following:

- Concerns over their future
- Death of a friend, family member, or loved one
- Depression / mental health issues / anxiety
- Peer pressure/ bullying/ fitting in / acceptance by peers
- Stress and anxiety about succeeding in school, sports, and work
- Puberty / sexual issues / relationship problems
- Isolation
- Family Instability